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What is The Artistic Blog all about? Most websites and pages want you to come to their page and stay, we want you to leave. Not that we don’t like our fans but we want to serve as a hub to the art world. We want our fans to come here to explore what is going on in the broader art world. With that in mind we encourage all of you not only to share your work but share with us the works of others along with web pages, Facebook pages and other sources of art that you have found interesting and useful to you.

The Artistic Blog is a collaborative web site driven and maintained by its users. Since users are encouraged to express their art through a variety of media formats we have provided its members with tools to post untraditional blogs using embedded text, image, video and audio formats. This gives the users the ability to give life to their creativity through writing, photography, the spoken word, music, film or any combination thereof. [Read more]