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Although there is beauty when creating with a mixture of handmade and commercial, there is a certain artistic flare that will only be found when the entire piece is handmade.  Creating handmade components is a talent that is time consuming, requires diligence and a creative imagination.  The end product in this process brings the artist pleasure, not only with the handmade components, but then seeing that component turn it into a beautiful piece of art jewelry, whether entirely with the artist’s interpretation or from a piece that another artists might create using the components.

Components and jewelry created from raw materials are entirely at the mercy of the artmaker (but the artmaker is also at the mercy of them).  To even begin a piece, one must choose from a myriad number of options and narrow them down, then focus their energy. These energies – the physical and intellectual (both right and left brain) – get channeled into the work. The effect can be powerful. [Read more]