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Live Music is a website featuring a blog, podcasts, and music news all obsessively dedicated to the best in live music these days. We cover bands that know how to play live, which means you’ll see some jamband, indie rock, electronica, freak-folk, post-jam, afrobeat, post-rock, math-rock, and anything that’s likely to be a bit experimental. We tend to like the stuff that falls outside of the mainstream, with no clear definition of what that really means anymore. The site was founded on July 4, 2004 and has since welcomed over two million visitors worldwide. It was started by me, Justin Ward, but it quickly grew to much more than just one person contributing his passion for live music. We soon welcomed contributors, guest editors, and really an “anything goes” mentality for what kind of content we’ll put on the site. Hope that’s cool with you. [Read more]