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Blog URL: is about my passion for music, 40 years plus of incredible Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. With the ever changing landscape of this powerful genre due to established legendary bands putting out new material and newer groups offering their take on the greatest music ever, I couldn’t be happier to be a fan. “Cause Rock and Roll is my religion and my law”

I didn’t choose rock music, it chose me, it’s in my blood and I am hooked. If I can turn one person on to something or someone they have never heard before, be it a legendary or obscure band from the past or a new band just putting out their debut record that really turns them on and makes them want to TURN IT UP, it will all be worth it.

On you won’t find any vomit vocal death metal, hip hop rap rock or the commercial radio wanna be rock music being crammed down our throats. Just high energy, hard hitting kick ass Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Music that has been the sound track to our lives.

I hope you find something on this site that interests you and makes you want to TURN IT UP! Maybe you will dig our podcast’s that include Choice Trax (choice cuts from bands spanning 40 years plus) or interviews with the musicians that created this awesome music on The Rock Philes, or maybe our concert and album reviews, articles and updates about the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. [Read more]