Blue is the color of trust and commitment. Most shades make the body create chemicals which calm them down, and thus blue is associated with rest and relaxation. The color itself is also the one which speaks of freedom, faith and protection. If any of these meanings appeal to you, then creating blue flower arrangements is the perfect treat.

One way to make blue flower arrangements is creating an “S” shape for them. Firstly, you will have to look for a relatively low container (or vase), because one like this will work best. As for the color, you could try looking for a container that is dark in color, as that will leave the eye resting on the arrangement itself, rather than on what it is situated in. You will have to create the “S” form by curving one flower’s stem upward, and on the side directly opposite, curving another’s stem downwards. For this step, it might be a very good idea to use florist wire, as it might be hard to shape them how you want. Don’t forget to secure the florist foam before starting to fix the flowers!

If you are looking for flowers that will do well as focal point, you could go for Clematis, also known as traveler’s joy, or Aquilegia, also known as blue barlow. After this step is finished, you can continue to the next, which is adding the fillers. Some flowers that will look great as fillers are corn flower, bell flower, Cupid’s dart or Jack frost. When it comes to the flowers creating the S, you could use the Acontinum flowers, which are known under the name of monkshood.

Another way of creating blue flower arrangement is by taking shallow containers, and filling them with water. They should be transparent, so that the flowers will show from different angles. Otherwise, they will only be visible from the top, but, depending on where you’re placing the arrangement, this might not be a bad thing. Next, look for blue flowers, and pick the ones you like best. Cut off the stems, so that only the blossom itself shows. If you wish, you can have decorative blue pebbles at the bottom of the container.

Blue flower arrangements are wonderful because they bring with them an oasis of relaxation and calmness, which is typical of the clear, blue skies. Optimism, hope and faith can all be represented through beautiful flowers. Though blue is the coolest color, its presence does not always imprint coldness in the mind of those surround by it. Rather, it makes them see its shinning beauty, which shines twice as strongly when present in flowers.