Airbrush body paints are non-toxic, water based, quick drying paints that are used for making temporary tattoos.
Previously when we mentioned tattoos, the pictures of bikers, singers and stage performers came to our mind. Nowadays, everyone, including the young generations as well as the elderly people are crazy about body paints and tattoos. The style and design of the tattoos reflect each person’s individual taste. In comparison to the permanent cosmetic tattooing made by using tattoo machine and ink, airbrush body painting is a much preferred choice. It is made by spraying the paint with a sprayer device. In such airbrush body art, you don’t have to worry about the pain and discomfort, which are associated with permanent tattoos.
Airbrush Body Painting

For airbrush body painting, you should have an airbrush (spraying device) and the paint of your choice. Airbrush tattoo kits are available that consist of stencils, sprayer and ink. There are several airbrush types, which are designed for creating various effects. For example, an airbrush with the single action mechanism is configured to spray paint and air at the same time, while in a double action mechanism, the flow of air and paint can be monitored according to the user’s requirements. Speaking about the paints, the viscosity and the safety of the additives should be considered while purchasing them.

Airbrush Body Paint

An airbrush body painting usually remains for the period of a few days to about a week. Hence, body arts created with these paints are considered as temporary body art. Usually, the paints are water-based products, which can be easily cleaned with body oils. The ingredients are non-toxic and chosen in such a way that the paint dries within a few seconds. Ready-to-apply airbrush body paints are available in the market; you can purchase them from any cosmetic stores. In case you cannot find the color of your choice, you can prepare the paint on your own.

In order to make airbrush body paint, you will require food coloring or dye, cornstarch, baking soda, water, glycerin, vinegar, mixing bowls and storage containers. For making half a gallon of paint, the required quantity of the ingredients is as follows: 2 cups cornstarch, 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup water, ¼ cup glycerin and 2 cups of vinegar. The amount of food coloring varies depending upon the color spectrum that you want to make for body airbrush art.

In a mixing bowl, combine together baking soda and vinegar. Stir well and allow the mixture to stand for a few minutes. Add all the remaining ingredients except water. Combine them well, so that the food coloring blends smoothly with the mixture. You can gently add water drop by drop while stirring continuously in order to prepare a uniformly thick paint. Stop adding water when the desired paint viscosity is achieved. Follow similar tips for making different colors for airbrush body painting. You can store the different paints in separate containers with airtight lids.

An easier alternative to the above procedure is prepare the color that you want by mixing two or more ready-made airbrush body paints in a proper ratio. The design of airbrush art is left to individual’s choice. Some people prefer this kind of painting for special occasions or particular days. In such cases, the theme of the tattoos design usually matches the occasion. On a general note, the airbrush tattoo designs are endless; you can paint beautiful butterflies, scary scorpions or flowery pattern for fun. You can also make the picture of a person that you adore the most. One of the advantages of such airbrush body art is that even a beginner can make the designs by using airbrush tattoo stencils.